Table 2

Content of caffeine of various foods and beverages2-a

ProductVolume or weightCaffeine content
Roasted and ground coffee
 Percolated150 ml40–170
 Drip150 ml60–180
 Decaffeinated150 ml2–5
Instant coffee
 Caffeinated150 ml40–180
 Decaffeinated150 ml2–8
 Bagged150 ml28–44
 Leaf150 ml30–48
 Instant150 ml24–50
 Iced150 ml28–32
Cocoa150 ml2–7
Chocolate bar
 Milk28 g1–15
 Sweet28 g5–36
 Dark28 g5–35
Baking chocolate28 g18–118
Soft drinks
 Regular cola180 ml15–24
 Caffeine-free cola180 ml0
 Diet cola180 ml13–29
  • 2-a Data from Debry (1994) and Barone and Roberts (1996).

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