B London, W Guo, X Pan, JS Lee… - Circulation …, 2001 - Am Heart Assoc
The K+ channel mKv1. 5 is thought to encode a 4-aminopyridine (4-AP)–sensitive
component of the current IK, slow in the mouse heart. We used gene targeting to replace
mKv1. 5 with the 4-AP–insensitive channel rKv1. 1 (SWAP mice) and directly test the role of
Kv1. 5 in the mouse ventricle. Kv1. 5 RNA and protein were undetectable, rKv1. 1 was
expressed, and Kv2. 1 protein was upregulated in homozygous SWAP hearts. The density of
the K+ current IK, slow (depolarizations to+ 40 mV, pA/pF) was similar in left ventricular …