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The possibility that glutathione may protect against acetaminophen-induced hepatic
necrosis was examined. Pretreatment of mice with diethyl maleate, which depletes hepatic
glutathione, potentiated acetaminophen-induced hepatic necrosis, whereas pretreatment …

…, WZ Potter, DC Davis, JR Gillette, BB Brodie - … of Pharmacology and …, 1973 - ASPET
A number of recent reports indicate that massive overdoses of acetaminophen can produce
a fulminant hepatic necrosis in man. Acetaminophen-induced hepatic necrosis thereforne
was examised in experimental animals. Centrilobular hepatic necrosis similar to that seen in …

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1. A fluorometric method for the determination of serotonin (5-hydroxytryp-tamine) in brain is
described. The procedure involves the use of a spectrophoto-fluorometer which can activate
and measure emitted fluorescence continuously from 250 to 650 mµ. Serotonin is activated …

…, WZ Potter, DC Davis, JR Gillette, BB Brodie - … of Pharmacology and …, 1973 - ASPET
Doses of 3 H-acetaminophen (300-750 mg/kg) that cause necrosis in mice were shown to
result in large amounts of radiolabeled material covalently bound to mouse liver protein in
vivo (2 nmol/mg of protein or approximately one molecule bound per two molecules of …

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A method of measuring the rate of synthesis of catecholamines in various tissues takes
advantage of the steady state relationship in which the rate of catecholamine formation is
equal to the rate of efflux. After tyrosine hydroxylase is blocked with α-methyltyrosine, the …

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A simple method for the amay of adenyl cyclase in tissue homogenates is described that
uses either α-P 82-, C 14-or H 3-labeled adenosine triphosphate (ATP) as substrate. Cyclic
3', 5'-adenosine monophosphate (cyclic 3', S'-AMP) formed during the incubation was …

PA Shore, BB Brodie, CAM Hogben - Journal of Pharmacology and …, 1957 - ASPET
Parenterally administered drugs are secreted directly into the gastric juice. The
concentration ratio (concentration of drug in gastric juice divided by concentration in plasma)
depends on the dissociation constant of the drug. Thus strong acids appear in gastric juice …

[PDF][PDF] Ascorbic acid in aromatic hydroxylation

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Results Effect of Hydrogen Ion Concentration-Oxidation of acetanilide, quinoline, and
tyramine occurred over the range of pH values 2 to 7.5, the optimal pH depending upon the
individual compound (Fig. 1). Above pH 7.5 the reaction rate was considerably reduced …


BB Brodie, PA Shore - Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1957 - Citeseer
It is not the purpose of this paper to make a survey of the work suggesting that serotonin is a
central neurohumoral agent, since much of this is being discussed by other contributors to
this monograph. Rather, we should like to offer a concept that implicates serotinon and …

…, JR Mitchell, DJ Jollow, JR Gillette, BB Brodie - … of Pharmacology and …, 1973 - ASPET
The binding of 3 H-acetaminophen to hepatic microsomes was studied in vitro. Binding of 3
H-acetaminophen to rat and mouse microsomal protein was linear with time and with protein
concentration. Binding occurred by covalent linkage to amino acids of protein. Reduced …