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Biostatistics Sr Manager, Amgen Inc.
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D Yan, X Da Dong, X Chen, L Wang, C Lu… - Journal of Biological …, 2009 - ASBMB
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are endogenous short (∼ 22) nucleotide RNAs that regulate gene
function by modification of target mRNAs. miRNA-1 (miR-1) and miRNA-206 (miR-206) are
highly expressed in skeletal muscle. Due to the tissue-specific nature of miR-1/206 for …

HM Lee, CY Lu, CY Chen, WL Chen, HC Lin, PL Chiu… - Tetrahedron, 2004 - Elsevier
A series of new ethylene-bridged bis (imidazolium) halides with various N-substitutions were
synthesized. Complexation of these imidazolium halides with Pd (OAc) 2 produced new Pd
(II) ethylene-bridged bis (carbene) complexes. Crystallographic analyses of some of the new …

G He, Y Zhao, S Zhang, C Lu… - Journal of the American …, 2011 - ACS Publications
Efficient methods have been developed to synthesize azetidine, pyrrolidine, and indoline
compounds via palladium-catalyzed intramolecular amination of C–H bonds at the γ and δ
positions of picolinamide (PA) protected amine substrates. These methods feature relatively …

J Yun, E Mullarky, C Lu, KN Bosch, A Kavalier… - …, 2015 -
More than half of human colorectal cancers (CRCs) carry either KRAS or BRAF mutations
and are often refractory to approved targeted therapies. We found that cultured human CRC
cells harboring KRAS or BRAF mutations are selectively killed when exposed to high levels …

…, J Dupuis, M Barbalic, JC Bis, G Eiriksdottir, C Lu… - Circulation, 2011 - Am Heart Assoc
Background—C-reactive protein (CRP) is a heritable marker of chronic inflammation that is
strongly associated with cardiovascular disease. We sought to identify genetic variants that
are associated with CRP levels. Methods and Results—We performed a genome-wide …

…, JC Luo, CW Chu, CR Lai, CL Lu… - Journal of …, 2001 - Wiley Online Library
Abstract Background and Aims: Hepatic steatosis is a histological characteristic in patients
with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. The aim of this study was to evaluate the
prevalence of hepatic steatosis in Chinese patients with chronic hepatitis C, and to look for …

YC Lu, I Kim, E Lye, F Shen, N Suzuki… - The Journal of …, 2009 - Am Assoc Immnol
TLR stimulation triggers a signaling pathway via MyD88 and IL-1R-associated kinase 4 that
is essential for proinflammatory cytokine induction. Although NF-κB has been shown to be
one of the key transcriptional regulators of these cytokines, evidence suggests that other …

J Lee, J Zhang, CC Lu - Journal of Computational Physics, 2003 - Elsevier
We consider the preconditioned iterative solution of large dense linear systems, where the
coefficient matrix is a complex valued matrix arising from discretizing the integral equation of
electromagnetic scattering. For some scattering structures this matrix can be poorly …


C Lu, H Xu, CT Ranjith-Kumar, MT Brooks, TY Hou… - Structure, 2010 - Elsevier
RIG-I is a cytosolic sensor of viral RNA that plays crucial roles in the induction of type I
interferons. The C-terminal domain (CTD) of RIG-I is responsible for the recognition of viral
RNA with 5′ triphosphate (ppp). However, the mechanism of viral RNA recognition by RIG-I …

CA Sun, HC Chen, CF Lu, SL You… - Journal of medical …, 1999 - Wiley Online Library
A nationwide community‐based survey on hepatitis C virus (HCV) was carried out in seven
townships in Taiwan. A total of 11,904 men aged 30–64 years were recruited for testing for
antibodies against HCV (anti‐HCV) by second‐generation enzyme immunoassay. A total of …