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Chunhong Yan

Augusta University(Georgia Regents University), Albany Medical College, MD Anderson …
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J Deng, H Ji, C Yan, J Zhang, W Si… - Angewandte Chemie …, 2013 - Wiley Online Library
Rolling their own: Naturally rolled‐up C/Si/C trilayer nanomembranes (see scheme) exhibit
a high reversible capacity of about 2000 mAh g− 1 at 50 mA g− 1, and 100% capacity
retention at 500 mA g− 1 after 300 cycles. This technique is general and could be applied to …


M Shin, C Yan, D Boyd - Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular …, 2002 - Elsevier
The 92-kDa type IV collagenase (MMP-9) contributes to tumor invasion and metastases and
strategies to down-regulate its expression could ultimately be of clinical utility. Although the
expression of this collagenase is regulated by numerous growth factors, the signaling …

Q Zeng, I Baker, JB Cui, ZC Yan - Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic …, 2007 - Elsevier
Abstract Pre-alloyed Mn 50+ x− y Al 50− x C y (x= 0, 2, 4, 6, 8; y= 0, 1.7, 3) powders were
mechanically milled (MM), and the as-milled powders subsequently annealed at
temperatures from 350 to 600° C to produce the ferromagnetic metastable L1 0-structured τ …

…, W Vulcan, G Warren, H Wöhrle, S Wood, C Yan… - Physical review …, 2001 - APS
We report the first measurement using a solid polarized target of the neutron electric form
factor GE n via d→(e→, e′ n) p. GE n was determined from the beam-target asymmetry in
the scattering of longitudinally polarized electrons from polarized deuterated ammonia (15 …

…, K Wang, S Wells, H Woehrle, S Wood, C Yan… - Physical review …, 2004 - APS
The electric form factor of the neutron was determined from measurements of the d→(e→,
e′ n) p reaction for quasielastic kinematics. Polarized electrons were scattered off a
polarized deuterated ammonia (ND 3 15) target in which the deuteron polarization was …

…, G MacLachlan, S Tajima, W Tireman, C Yan… - Physical review …, 2003 - APS
We report new measurements of the ratio of the electric form factor to the magnetic form
factor of the neutron, GE n/GM n, obtained via recoil polarimetry from the quasielastic H 2
(e→, e′ n→) H 1 reaction at Q 2 values of 0.45, 1.13, and 1.45 (G e V/c) 2 with relative …

P Wu, DL Ma, CH Leung, SC Yan, N Zhu… - … A European Journal, 2009 - Wiley Online Library
The interactions of a series of platinum (II) Schiff base complexes with c‐myc G‐quadruplex
DNA were studied. Complex [PtL1a](1 a; H2L1a= N, N′‐bis (salicylidene)‐4, 5‐methoxy‐1,
2‐phenylenediamine) can moderately inhibit c‐myc gene promoter activity in a cell‐free …

…, M Yoshizumi, M Glassman, JD Lee, C Yan… - Circulation …, 2002 - Am Heart Assoc
Insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-1 and the type I IGF-1 receptor are important regulators of
vascular function that may contribute to cardiovascular disease. We hypothesized that IGF-1
causes endothelial cell dysfunction and expression of neutrophil and monocyte adhesion …

…, B Terburg, TP Welch, C Williamson, S Wood, C Yan… - Physical Review C, 2003 - APS
We report the results from a systematic study of the quasielastic (e, e′ p) reaction on C 12,
Fe 56, and Au 197 performed at Jefferson Lab. We have measured nuclear transparency
and extracted spectral functions (corrected for radiation) over a Q 2 range of 0.64–3.25 …

P Wang, CH Leung, DL Ma, SC Yan… - Chemistry–A European …, 2010 - Wiley Online Library
A series of platinum (II) complexes with tridentate ligands was synthesized and their
interactions with G‐quadruplex DNA within the c‐myc gene promoter were evaluated.
Complex 1, which has a flat planar 2, 6‐bis (benzimidazol‐2‐yl) pyridine (bzimpy) scaffold …