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THE ionic channel associated with the acetylcholine (ACh) receptor at the neuromuscular
junction of skeletal muscle fibres is probably the best described channel in biological
membranes. Nevertheless, the properties of individual channels are still unknown, as …

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The extracellular patch clamp method, which first allowed the detection of single channel
currents in biological membranes, has been further refined to enable higher current
resolution, direct membrane patch potential control, and physical isolation of membrane …

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The capacitance of the surface membrane of small adrenal chromaffin cells was measured
with patch-clamp pipettes. Continuous and discrete changes of capacitance were observed.
They were interpreted as changes of surface area connected to exocytotic or endocytotic …

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This chapter describes corrections that have to be applied to measured membrane
potentials in patch clamp experiments. Some of them [Eqs.(1)–(3)] are required regardless of
the nature of the reference electrode (in the Ringer's solution bath) whenever the pipette …

EM Fenwick, A Marty, E Neher - The Journal of Physiology, 1982 - Wiley Online Library
1. Bovine chromaffin cells were enzymatically isolated and kept in short term tissue culture.
Their electrical properties were studied using recent advances of the patch‐clamp technique
(Hamill, Marty, Neher, Sakmann & Sigworth, 1981). 2. When a patch pipette was sealed …

R Heidelberger, C Heinemann, E Neher, G Matthews - Nature, 1994 - nature.com
RAPID calcium-dependent exocytosis underlies neurotransmitter release from nerve
terminals. Despite the fundamental importance of this process, neither the relationship
between presynaptic intra-cellular calcium ion concentration ([Ca 2+] i) and rate of …

EM Fenwick, A Marty, E Neher - The Journal of physiology, 1982 - Wiley Online Library
1. Inward currents in chromaffin cells were studied with the patch‐clamp technique (Hamill,
Marty, Neher, Sakmann & Sigworth, 1981). The intracellular solution contained 120 mM‐Cs+
and 20 mM‐tetraethylammonium (TEA+). Na+ currents were studied after blockade of Ca2+ …


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Synapse,” intended to contrast our grasp of presynaptic Angleson and Betz (1997) quite
recently reviewed in physiology with our understanding of postsynaptic detail techniques for
monitoring transmitter release that events, which had undergone a quantum leap in the …

RH Chow, L von Rüden, E Neher - Nature, 1992 - nature.com
IN synapses, a rise in presynaptic intracellular calcium leads to secretory vesicle fusion in
less than a millisecond, as indicated by the short delay from excitation to postsynaptic signal
1–4. In non-synaptic secretory cells, studies at high time resolution have been limited by the …

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1. Single channel currents through acetylcholine receptor channels (ACh channels) were
recorded at chronically denervated frog muscle extrajunctional membranes in the absence
and presence of the lidocaine derivatives QX‐222 and QX‐314. 2. The current wave forms …