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Regardless of age or gender, resistance training or provision of adequate amounts of dietary
protein (PRO) or essential amino acids (EAA) can increase muscle protein synthesis (MPS)
in healthy adults. Combined PRO or EAA ingestion proximal to resistance training, however …

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Recently, contradictory findings have been reported concerning the function of irisin and its
precursor gene, skeletal muscle FNDC5, in energy homeostasis, and the associated
regulatory role of exercise and PGC‐1α. We therefore evaluated whether muscle FNDC5 …

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The effects of timed ingestion of high-quality protein before and after resistance exercise are
not well known. In this study, young men were randomized to protein (n= 11), placebo (n=
10) and control (n= 10) groups. Muscle cross-sectional area by MRI and muscle forces were …

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Signaling pathways sense local and systemic signals and regulate muscle hypertrophy. The
effects of whey protein ingestion on acute and long-term signaling responses of resistance
exercise are not well known. Previously untrained young men were randomized into protein …

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The purpose of this study was to examine the reliability and validity of the “panoramic”
brightness mode ultrasonography (US) method to detect training-induced changes in
muscle cross-sectional area (CSA) by comparison with results obtained using magnetic …


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METHODS Subjects. Twenty-two men recruited from a larger study (Ahtiainen et al.,
unpublished data, 2006) were randomly assigned to either an ST group (N= 11) or a control
group (N= 11). The subjectscharacteristics (N= 20, not including two dropouts from the …

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Angiogenic growth factors have recently been linked to tissue metabolism. We have used
genetic gain‐and loss‐of function models to elucidate the effects and mechanisms of action
of vascular endothelial growth factor‐B (VEGF‐B) in the heart. A cardiomyocyte‐specific …

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Key points Although antioxidant supplements are generally believed to give health benefits,
recent experiments show that they may adversely affect adaptations to endurance exercise.
This study is the first to investigate the effects of high dosages of vitamins C and E on the …

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Muscle strength and mass decline in sedentary individuals with aging. The present study
investigated the effects of both age and 21 weeks of progressive hypertrophic resistance
training (RT) on skeletal muscle size and strength, and on myostatin and myogenin mRNA …

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Abstract Effects of heavy resistance exercise on serum testosterone and skeletal muscle
androgen receptor (AR) concentrations were examined before and after a 21-week
resistance training period. Seven healthy untrained young adult men (YT) and ten controls …