KH Beyer - Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1958 - Wiley Online Library
During the past ten years we have been actively interested in the important role of the kidney
in the regulation of electrolyte balance. To the physiologist, this role of the kidney is critical to
the basic consideration of those clinical entities wherein retention of sodium chloride in …

KH Beyer, JE Baer, JK Michaelson, HF Russo - Journal of Pharmacology …, 1965 - ASPET
Ethacrynic acid [2, 3-dichloro-4-(2-methylenebutyryl) phenoxy] acetic acid, a structurally
unique saluretic-diuretic agent in the dog and in man, contains an α, β-unsaturated ketone
structure that combines readily with sulfhydryl groups. Although organomercurials likewise …

KH Beyer, HF Russo, EK Tillson, AK Miller… - American Journal of …, 1951 -
ENEMID,'p-(di-n-propylsulfamyl)-benzoic acid, was synthesized by Miller, B Ziegler and
Sprague (I), and has been studied in these laboratories in the course of a systematic
correlation of chemical structure with the inhibition of specific renal tubular transport …

[ЦИТИРОВАНИЕ][C] Physiological basis for the action of newer diuretic agents

KH Beyer, JE Baer - Pharmacological reviews, 1961 - ASPET
To write about the “Physiological Basis for the Action of Newer Diuretic Agents” in the format
of a review article at this time leaves one with something less than a sense of satisfaction.
This reservation has not been because of any lack of progress in this area of research …

CA Stone, ML Torchiana, A Navarro, KH Beyer - Journal of Pharmacology …, 1956 - ASPET
Certain pharmacologic properties of 3-methylaminoisocamphane (mecamylamine) have
been reported. These studies indicate that this secondary amine possesses ganglionic
blocking properties characterized by a high order of potency, specificity and a long duration …

[ЦИТИРОВАНИЕ][C] Functional characteristics of renal transport mechanisms

KH BEYER - Pharmacological Reviews, 1950 - ASPET
Emphasis is to be placed on what are considered to be active processes of renal tubular
secretion or reabsorption. Only such related renal physiology as is sufficient for the
development of this thesis will be discussed. Consequently this is not to be primarily a …


JE Baer, HL Leidy, AV Brooks, KH Beyer - Journal of Pharmacology and …, 1959 - Citeseer
METHODS. Studies in normal dogs were performed on trained unanesthetized mongrels
according to procedures previously used in this laboratory(Baer et al., 1956). Experiments
on nephrectomized dogs were performed following bilateral nephrectomy under …

KH Beyer, LD Wright, HR Skeggs, HF Russo… - American Journal of …, 1947 -
The essential amino acids fall broadly into two categories with respect to their renal tubular
reabsorption when administered singly to unanesthetized dogs: a) those whose
reabsorption is essentially complete at all technically feasible plasma levels, and b) those …


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1. Arch Int Pharmacodyn Ther. 1954 May 1;98(1):97-117. Factors basic to the development of
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MEDLINE]. MeSH terms. Biological Transport; Humans; Kidney/physiology*.

KH Beyer - Science, 1947 -
It has been found that the excretion of penicillin by a renal tubular transport mechanism
could be physiologically inhibited reversibly. The basis for this effect is thought to be one of
substrate competition between penicillin, which is excreted by the tubules, and 49 …