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VD Milman - Geometric aspects of functional analysis, 1988 - Springer
… Remark 5.1. Theorem 4.5 is equivalent to the following statement: (5.1) for every convex symmetric
body KeIRn there exists an ellipsoid C such that Vol C = VolK and eon(K,C):S: A for some 8>
0 and A 2: 1. Indeed, let (5.1) be known. Then e8n(K,c) :s: A means N(K,AC) :s: 28n …

A Advani, S Tu, M O'Connor, R Coleman… - Proceedings of the …, 1999 - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
We present a methodology and database mediator tool for integrating modern knowledge-
based systems, such as the Stanford EON architecture for automated guideline-based
decision-support, with legacy databases, such as the Veterans Health Information Systems …

U Tallarek, K Albert, E Bayer, G Guiochon - AIChE journal, 1996 - Wiley Online Library
… Knox et al. (1976) and Eon (1978) used a dry-packing procedure (Poole and Poole, 1993)
and found the velocity and the HETP to be higher close to the wall than in the center of
the column … This equation is given by 2y 2A h=--k + cu, u 1+ (4) …

CK Sunwoo, WH Wade - Journal of dispersion science and …, 1992 - Taylor & Francis
… I. C16 and C14 Guerbet Alcohol Hydrophobes Chunhee K. Sunwoo and William H. Wade … [49]
also found non-linear relationship between S' and EON. We have been exploring cosurfactants
that are more surface active than the low molecular weight alcohols usually employed …

Y Yoshida, A Maruta, K Kitayama… - Optical Fiber …, 2014 - osapublishing.org
… Y. Yoshida1, A. Maruta1, K. Kitayama1, M. Nishihara2, T. Tanaka2, T. Takahara2, JC Rasmussen2,
N. Yoshikane3, T. Tsuritani3, I. Morita3, S. Yan4, Y … packet [1] and elastic optical path [2]. Moreover,
the BVT plays a key role in interfacing between such OPS and EON to convert …

A Sulaiman, A WEE - The Electronic Journal of Information …, 2005 - Wiley Online Library
… Perwira Affin Bank and EON Bank scored zero in the order components. This mean that Perwira
Affin Bank and EON Bank are not providing features that allow customers to check their account
balances, transfer funds between accounts and make payments, just to name a few …

SG Chang, KD Choi, SH Jang… - Molecules & Cells …, 2003 - search.ebscohost.com
… 156- 172, Dai, Y. and Tang. J. G, (1996) Characteristic, activity and eon- fonnational studies of
[A6-Ser … P. G,. and Rabil- ioud, T. (1993) Pbotopolymerization of polyacrylamide gels with
methylene blue, Electrophoresis 14, 40-50. Marki, F.. de Gasparo, M,, Fisler, K.. Kamber …

JL Salager, RE Antón, DA Sabatini, JH Harwell… - Journal of surfactants …, 2005 - Springer
… σ and α are parameters charac- teristic of the surfactant structure; and EON is the average number
of ethylene oxide groups per molecule for a poly- ethoxylated nonionic surfactant. ∆T is the
temperature devi- ation measured from a certain reference (25°C); and k, K, a T …

HH Meixler, K Wolfsberg… - Canadian Journal of …, 1983 - NRC Research Press
… 10 is also given in the table. (observed - calculated)' [8] FIT = [k error 11 … fission).
Concerning the rather difficult question of the even-odd factors EOZ and EON, the
results obtained in the present work are somewhat preliminary …

J Jamnik, J Maier - Journal of the Electrochemical society, 1999 - jes.ecsdl.org
… 11b) the relaxation is governed by the chemical capacitance and ( ) tanh R R i L D i L D
eon 2 2 4 4 C C Z k k R ion chem approx ion eon ⊥ <<   r 0 R R i R R C eon ion eon
ion 1 1 2 ( ) ⊥ C C Z k k R ion chem approx ion eon ⊥ >>   r 0 …
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