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CAJ Fisher, VM Hart Prieto, MS Islam - Chemistry of Materials, 2008 - ACS Publications
The defect chemistry, doping behavior, and ion migration in olivine-type materials Li M PO4
(M= Mn, Fe, Co, and N) are investigated by atomistic simulation techniques. The most
favorable intrinsic defect type is found to be the cation antisite defect, in which Li and M ions …

…, N Mochida, A Ohtsuka, M Tonokawa - Journal of non-crystalline …, 1992 - Elsevier
The structure of MO 1/2 TeO 2 (M= Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs and Tl) binary glasses has been studied
by means of Raman spectroscopy. The glasses having low alkali content have a continuous
network constructed by sharing corners of TeO 4 trigonal bipyramids (tbp's) and TeO 3+ 1 …

ED Glendening, D Feller - The Journal of Physical Chemistry, 1995 - ACS Publications
Gas-phase binding energies and enthalpies are reported for small M+(H20)„clusters
consisting of an alkali metal cation (Li+, Na+, K+, Rb+, or Cs+) with one to six water
molecules. Ab initio molecular orbital calculations were performed at the RHF and MP2 …

GE Lenain, HA McKinstry, J Alamo… - Journal of materials …, 1987 - Springer
A structural model is proposed to describe the highly anisotropic thermal expansion in the
sodium zirconium phosphate NaZr 2 P 3 O 12 structure as a result of the thermal motion of
the polyhedra in the structure. In the proposed model the rotations of the phosphate …

…, M Li, T Wang, L Wang, Y Jiang, M Dai, J Lu, M Xu, Y Li… - Jama, 2013 - jamanetwork.com
Importance Noncommunicable chronic diseases have become the leading causes of
mortality and disease burden worldwide. Objective To investigate the prevalence of diabetes
and glycemic control in the Chinese adult population. Design, Setting, and Participants …

K Wang, M Li, H Hakonarson - Nucleic acids research, 2010 - academic.oup.com
High-throughput sequencing platforms are generating massive amounts of genetic variation
data for diverse genomes, but it remains a challenge to pinpoint a small subset of
functionally important variants. To fill these unmet needs, we developed the ANNOVAR tool …

…, JLC Keong, SH Lee, SE Legge, B Lerer, M Li, T Li… - Nature, 2014 - nature.com
Schizophrenia is a highly heritable disorder. Genetic risk is conferred by a large number of
alleles, including common alleles of small effect that might be detected by genome-wide
association studies. Here we report a multi-stage schizophrenia genome-wide association …

…, O Melander, T Johnson, X Li, X Guo, M Li… - Nature, 2010 - nature.com
Plasma concentrations of total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, high-density
lipoprotein cholesterol and triglycerides are among the most important risk factors for
coronary artery disease (CAD) and are targets for therapeutic intervention. We screened the …

TK Koo, MY Li - Journal of chiropractic medicine, 2016 - Elsevier
Objective Intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) is a widely used reliability index in test-
retest, intrarater, and interrater reliability analyses. This article introduces the basic concept
of ICC in the content of reliability analysis. Discussion for Researchers There are 10 forms of …

RL Chaney, M Malik, YM Li, SL Brown… - Current opinion in …, 1997 - Elsevier
The phytoremediation of metal-contaminated soils offers a low-cost method for soil
remediation and some extracted metals may be recycled for value. Both the phytoextraction
of metals and the phytovolatilization of Se or Hg by plants offer great promise for commercial …