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P Flesch - 2006 - Springer
High-intensity discharge (HID) lamps are very often used for lighting purposes (indoor and
outdoor), automotive headlights, or video projection. To optimize HID lamps and all other
light sources for these applications, one has to understand the human eye, the receptor of …


P Flesch, S Rothman - Science, 1948 - science.sciencemag.org
In recent studies (8) it was found that aqueous extracts of human epidermis inhibit the
oxidation of l-tyrosine and l-dihydroxyphenylalanine (dopa), thus preventing the formation of
melanin. Since this effect is counteracted by iodoacetamide, it has been assumed that the …

EJ Van Scott, P FLESCH - AMA archives of dermatology and …, 1954 - jamanetwork.com
KERATINIZATION is one of the most important metabolic functions of the epidermis.
Although numerous investigators have studied the nature of the changes which the proteins
of the living cells of the Malpighian layer undergo during the transition to keratinized …

P Flesch, E Kun - … of the Society for Experimental Biology …, 1950 - journals.sagepub.com
A colorimetric procedure was developed for the determination of-SH groups. The method
involved the estimation of the amount of an organic mercury salt removed from its amyl
acetate solution by shaking with tissue homogenates. The dye removed was found …

P Flesch - Proceedings of the Society for Experimental …, 1949 - journals.sagepub.com
The inhibitory effect on melanin formation of aqueous extracts of isolated human epidermis
and of homogenates of rabbit skin was found'to be due to heat-stable, dialyzable, non-
protein-like sulfhydryl compounds which were counteracted by cupric ions and p …

D Flesch-Janys - Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health …, 1996 - Taylor & Francis
The elimination of 2, 3, 7, 8-substituted polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and
dibenzofurans (PCDD/F) was investigated in a group of n= 43 exposed workers with 2 blood
measurements and n= 5 workers with 3 measurements. Under the assumption of a one …

JP Flesch, CH Norris… - American Industrial …, 1967 - oeh.tandfonline.com
Monodisperse aerosols of methylene blue dye generated via a spinning disk and
polystyrene latex aerosols generated via atomization have been applied in calibrating a
multistage cascade impactor, the Andersen sampler, Model 0203. The reported method …


P Flesch, ECJ Esoda - Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 1957 - core.ac.uk
MATERIALS AND METHODS 1. Preparation of cornified epithclia and their extracts Callust
and scales from patients with scaling skin conditions were washed with ether, dried and
pulverized in the Wiley-mill to mesh size 60 or 80. The powder was washed three times with …


P Flesch - Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 1958 - Elsevier
The most important function of the skin is to maintain the integrity of the surface and to pro-
tect the organism. Essentially these functions are performed in two ways: by passive
(physical) and by active (chemical) means. The structures carrying out these functions have …

TD Matte, JP Figueroa, G Burr, JP Flesch… - American journal of …, 1989 - Wiley Online Library
To assess lead exposure in the Jamaican lead‐acid battery industry, we surveyed three
battery manufacturers (including 46 production workers) and 10 battery repair shops
(including 23 battery repair workers). Engineering controls and respiratory protection were …
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