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The discharge of effluents from the industries situated around the major cities of Gujarat to
nearby rivers or open land is of great concern with respect to soil-plant-water pollution as the
farmers around these areas are using effluents or contaminated river/well water for irrigation …

[ЦИТИРОВАНИЕ][C] Suitability of industrial effluents for irrigation around Bharuch and Ankleshwar industrial zone in Gujarat

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Cysteine-rich secretory proteins (CRISPs) have been postulated to have a role in male
reproduction and prostate pathophysiology. Of the mammalian CRISPs, CRISP-3 levels in
particular have been shown to be upregulated in prostate cancer. Efforts have been made to …

Genetic analysis of rare human variants of regulators of G protein signaling proteins and their role in human physiology and disease

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Regulators of G protein signaling (RGS) proteins modulate the physiologic actions of many
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comprise a family of 20 canonical proteins that bind directly to G protein–coupled …

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In this study, we employed proteomics to identify mechanisms of posttranslational regulation
on cell survival signaling proteins. We focused on Cu-Zn superoxide dismutase (SOD1),
which protects cells from oxidative stress. We found that acylation of K122 on SOD1, while …


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Antagonism by different Trichoderma isolates to sugarcane wilt pathogen was examined by
the use of Taijibaiyo method on PDA medium. For the purpose of controlling sugarcane wilt
pathogen and to obtained efficient isolates, seven isolates of Trichoderma were tested. The …

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… capability to grow under adverse conditions, competence in the use of nutrients, strong
aggressiveness against phytopathogenic fungi and efficacy in supporting plant growth and
enhanced defense mechanisms (Harman et al., 2004; Schuster and Schmoll, 2010; Pandya et …

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Non-stoichiometric and doped films of oxides of tin, indium, cadmium, zinc and their various
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region, high reflectance in the IR region and nearly metallic conductivity. The electrical as …

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Hepatic hydroxylation is an essential step in the metabolism and excretion of bile acids and
is necessary to avoid pathologic conditions such as cholestasis and liver damage. In this
report, we demonstrate that the human xenobiotic receptor SXR (steroid and xenobiotic …