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Schizophrenia is a severe psychiatric disorder characterized by a complex mode of
inheritance. Forebrain-specific CNB knockout mice display a spectrum of behavioral
abnormalities related to altered behaviors observed in schizophrenia patients. To examine …

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An increased prevalence of microdeletions at the 22q11 locus has been reported in samples
of patients with schizophrenia. 22q11 microdeletions represent the highest known genetic
risk factor for the development of schizophrenia, second only to that of the monozygotic …

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Abstract: 500-Gb/s transmitter and receiver photonic integrated circuit (PIC) modules are reviewed
as well as their scaling to Tb/s and higher data capacities. ©2014 Optical Society of America
OCIS codes: (250.5300) Photonic integrated circuits; (060.2330) Fiber optics …

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In this paper, the current state of the art for large-scale InP photonic integrated circuits (PICs)
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scaling of highly integrated devices. Specifically, the performance, reliability, and …

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Angled-distributed-back semiconductor lasers have demonstrated 1-W diffraction-
limited collimated output from a broad-area aperture. We present the first theoretical analysis
of the modes of these devices, explaining their principle of operation and the reasons for …

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A optical medium, such as an angled distributed reflector, eg, an angular grating, or α-DFB
laser diode or a waveguide wavelength selective filter, has a mean optical axis defining an
optical cavity for substantially confined light propagation within the device. An angular …

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The recessive gene rhm confers chlorotic-lesion resistance to Bipolaris maydis race O, the
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inconsistencies encountered in scoring the disease on mature plants in the field, an assay …

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Capillary electrophoresis/electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry (CE/ESI-MS) was
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interfacing CE to MS. By using a long (∼ 125-cm) and narrow (∼ 15-μm-id) capillary, the …

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The mechanism for reduced Fe absorption in Cu deficiency is unknown, but may involve the
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