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DE Dobbs, EG Houston, TG Lucas… - Communications in …, 1989 - Taylor & Francis
Let R be a (commutative integral) domain. Among the numerous overring-theoretic
characterizations of Priifer domains 1s the followmg result of Davis [D, Theorem 11: K is a
Priifer domain if and only if each overring of R is integrally closed. One goal of our work …

DE Dobbs, EG Houston, TG Lucas… - Communications in …, 1992 - Taylor & Francis
1464 WBBS ET AL. to [DHLZ, Corollary 2.31, R* is t-linked over R for each domain R. It was
shown in [DHLZ, Corollary 2.14 (a)] that R'is t-linked over R if R is a Noetherian (or, more
generally, a quasicoherent) domain, but [DHLZ] left open the question whether R'is t-linked …

M Louis, A Viricel, T Lucas, H Peltier… - Molecular …, 2014 - Wiley Online Library
Despite no obvious barrier to gene flow, historical environmental processes and ecological
specializations can lead to genetic differentiation in highly mobile animals. Ecotypes
emerged in several large mammal species as a result of niche specializations and/or social …

TW Lucas - Military Operations Research, 2000 - JSTOR
Acontinuing debate in the defense analysis community is whether combat simulations
should (generally) be deterministic or stochastic. This paper argues that the nature of
combat, along with fundamental mathematical principles, implies that most combat …


PM Senge, N Cambron-McCabe, T Lucas, B Smith… - 2012 -
" A rich, much-needed remedy for the standardized institutions that comprise too much of our
school system today… ideal for teachers and parents intent on resurrecting and fostering
students' inherent drive to learn… An essential resource."-Daniel H. Pink, author of DRIVE …

AM Villegas, T Lucas - Journal of teacher education, 2002 -
To successfully move the field of teacher education beyond the fragmented and superficial
treatment of diversity that currently prevails, teacher educators must articulate a vision of
teaching and learning in a diverse society and use that vision to systematically guide the …


AM Villegas, T Lucas - 2002 -
Offering a conceptual framework and practical strategies for teacher preparation in schools
with increasingly diverse racial and ethnic student populations, this book presents a
coherent approach to educating culturally responsive teachers. The authors focus on the …

T Lucas, A Waisman, R Ranjan, J Roes… - The Journal of …, 2010 - Am Assoc Immnol
Influx of macrophages plays a crucial role in tissue repair. However, the precise function of
macrophages during the healing response has remained a subject of debate due to their
functional dichotomy as effectors of both tissue injury and repair. We tested the hypothesis …

…, H Schlagbauer-Wadl, C Hoeller, T Lucas… - The Lancet, 2000 - Elsevier
Background Chemoresistance of malignant melanoma has been linked to expression of the
proto-oncogene BCL2. Antisense oligonucleotides (ASO) targeted against BCL2 mRNA
decreased BCL2 protein concentrations, increased tumour-cell apoptosis, and led to tumour …

T Lucas, AM Villegas… - Journal of Teacher …, 2008 -
Students who speak languages other than English are a growing presence in US schools.
As a result, many mainstream classroom teachers are finding that they have English
language learners in their classes. Unfortunately, most mainstream classroom teachers …